Friday, 20 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year- its nearly February so I am definitely quite late out of the blocks for this one, but the Christmas period and subsequent return to work was very busy for our little family. We had some very dear friends from London stay with us just before Christmas and spending time with them was just wonderful.
Got in a wee bit of sewing done and made my daughter and our friends daughter one of these quilts each.

I used Cat Taylors tutorial and fabrics from Stitchbird Fabrics and Lyndy from there was really helpful helping me match up the colours- I loved the babushka doll fabric and she helped me pick out the contrasting panels.

The back is a natural cotton with a small cherry print from Spotlight. The quilts have been great-I used really thin needled cotton batting and they are perfect for this time of year when you want a blanket that isn't too hot.
Very proud of my first quilting experience! And I don't have a walking foot either (to cheap to buy one) but I can see the benefits of having one.

Have also made a few bits of clothing for Ruby and attempted to make myself a top which was a time consuming swear fest that involved lots of unpicking and general grumpiness. I will wear it, but its definitely nowhere near as satisfying as making little clothes for kids, husband wanted to know why I couldn't just scale her patterns up, I reminded him that I have... curves that she doesn't have.

Anyway. In other news, our "little" home business has exploded, and we had lots of book orders to process before Christmas, which translated into 14 tonnes of books to distribute this week.
This is what 14 tonnes of books looks like (I had no idea and I don't think my husband did either) the picture doesn't show the scale very well, but I can assure you its ALOT.
All the orders are now on their way to various secondary schools around the country, and I have a very very tired and sore husband who now understands why I thought it might be a good idea to hire some students for the manual labour phase........
Its all very exciting and we're learning alot about the publishing phase is invoicing and hopefully payment!