Sunday, 23 October 2011

Birthday Piece de Resistance- Pimp My Kitchen

Ruby is going to think that the whole month of October is just one big birthday party now- her actual calendar birthday was yesterday, so we had another celebration (a small one) at Marshalls Animal Park with a couple of friends.

The main event present wise happened yesterday too- we got the kitchen finished just in time, and it was a hit!

We bought a basic kitchen from Marks Toys although I see they don't sell the unit we bought anymore- ours just had the one drawer, the mixing bowl and the taps and was just on $100.

We were inspired by this post from Vintage Songbird, so we then pimped it out a bit. It was doing this that started the sewing obsession, I made the curtain, a little oven mitt and an apron.

Husband made some elements, and oven door and an oven tray and fumigated himself in the garage spraypainting and placing all the fittings on.

Good result I think- we were given some basic kids baking tools and we bought a little pan set from KMart.

Ruby LOVES it- its kept her busy for ages. I got quite a bit done yesterday afternoon as she played with this and husband spent over 2 hours determinedly trying to assemble another one of her presents...

My birthday next week- we have a few more kids birthdays before then.

I think mine is going to involve some well deserved bubbles of the alcoholic variety and not a cupcake in sight...

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