Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cereal Review- Be Natural Manuka Honey and Spice Clusters

I like free stuff, and I like cereal, so it was nice to get some free cereal last week.

I have been enjoying the Be Natural range lately, I have been sucked into their "healthy, eco friendly" brown paper packaging, but their food is quite nice too.

I tried the Manuka Honey and Spice Clusters with flakes.

The 5 whole grains in the cereal are wheat, oats, rye, barley and triticale so its not a gluten free friendly cereal. It gets the heart foundation tick for fat content (4.9g per 100g) but the sugar content just tips the recommended "healthy" 15g/100g or less. Sugar content is 16g per 100g- this may have something to do with the manuka honey content but its still sugar.
Here they are straight out of the box with a little bit of milk->

And here they are with the box and some of my hone stewed plums and yoghurt. Yum!
The spice clusters have a nice but not overpowering cinnamon flavour.

They were nice, and I would buy them again but at $6.49 for 500g they are more of a treat cereal.

I have also tried the Pink Lady Apple and Flame Raisin flavor and they were nice too.


  1. My kids would eat cereal for every meal! Really - and I always fall back on it. Mind you this one looks very healthy.

  2. Its healthy and yummy- but I wouldn't be getting a box sent to you via express mail with the rest of the kiwi food friends and family send to you- or don't they do that anymore? I found after being overseas for a while I eventually forgot about most of the stuff I missed from home (except tamarillos), but now I'm back I miss stuff from the UK!

  3. My most missed think is decent vogels bread - the bread in America - evne the bakery stuff is so chewy and sweet! Honestly ten years and i have not found the equivalent of Vogels. PLus Feijoas ( they are $2 each here if you can find them) and of course tamarillos!
    My kids are still hooked on Weetabix from London, thankfully you can now find it here!