Monday, 7 November 2011

Things I'm Loving This Week.

Ok, I don't even know if I have done this properly, but here goes! (Edit- turns out I didn't I am the only person on PaisleyJades "Things I'm Loving" page who has posted themselves twice, and misspelt their own name to boot.)

This week I am loving this dress/ top I made for Ruby.  I followed the indietutes peasant blouse tutorial and just love the result- it looks great over leggings or shorts and is easy to whip on and off a busy toddler. Have had heaps of comments about it so am pleased.

I am also loving KMarts $4 t-shirts.

I put a couple of applique butterflies on one the other day- and I'm sure it easily added at least $10 to the value! Hows that for an "investment piece"?! Speaking of investment pieces, I tried this on today:

Its the crystalline drape dress from Cybele.  I love love love it.. We have a few weddings to go to this summer and it will be perfec event if I do manage to get knocked up with no 2, but at $499, its VERY VERY expensive and I don't think any amount of pleading will let me buy it considering I was recently  allowed a new sewing machine and have a large pile of spotlight receipts hidden in my car....

I am also loving longer summer nights, and the christmas feel around town. We are going to get our first christmas tree this year and I can't wait to receive all the ornaments from the Sew Funky Christmas Ornament Swap.  I have started on mine, and the lovely ladies in my group have been asking what colours everyone likes- I have blazed on ahead and chosen all mine without getting a single "like' so I hope they do like them!

Finally I love two year olds and the way they make me laugh...even when I am getting a little weary of the constant stream of chatter and commentary about everything. I love the way they optimistically ask for cupcakes for breakfast as if its the most normal thing in the world..


  1. Loving the butterflies - such a great idea. Thanks for linking up - and I can edit your extra entry ;)

  2. You can thank Megan of Mousehouse for pointing me in the direction of your gorgeous wee blog. Looks like you've done some great wee projects. Keep up the good work!

  3. I will definitely be thanking her, how lovely. Thanks TK.

  4. I love the wee peasant top, the fabric is gorgeous. That seafoam green is one of my favourite colours. Did you put elastic in the sleeves? Your top looks way better than the tutorial photo by the way :)

  5. Thanks Lyndy. I wish I'd bought more of that fabric to make the next size up. Yes, there is elastic in the sleeves.