Monday, 7 November 2011

Stuff I've been making.

I've been pretty busy lately- as well as Miss Rs birthday we've had lots of other birthdays so have been making personal little birthday presents, and have stockpiled a few, such as these zip purses from the Cat Taylor and Mousehouse blogs.

I used gorgeous laminated and nylon Echino fabric from Stitchbird Fabrics for the top one. The second one is lined with fabric from Sew Pretty and is made from waterproof oilcloth from the very generous Linda at La cuisine.

I really like making these- the colour combinations and sizes are endless and they make great gifts which is good because I am only going to need a couple.

I have also made some bunting, some for Miss R and some for a friend- I downloaded a template here and I love that something so quick and easy looks so professional! Even my husband liked it although he did say it looks like a row of G strings. Not sure where he sees those these days- my G string days are well and truly over. 

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  1. ha ha me too! loving all your creations, I think you are as obsessed as me at making stuff!!! just looking at your tiered skirt again as really want to make one for my 4 year old, i too have a lot of hidden spotlight receipts, my hubby told me I had to start keeping and recording them, hmmm i don't think so!!!!

  2. I am! I am obsessed...and there is no way I am going to add up all the money I have spent on fabric/ sewing maching etc in the last few months- its definitely more than enough to buy that Cybele dress, thats for sure. Hopefully a bit more productive and altruistic than buying a dress though.

    I made a tiered skirt for a 4 year old, I measured her waist and added 15cm to the first tier, and then followed the formula from there (x 1.3 for second strip and use whole length of 114cm wide fabric for final on e or wider if you want more ruffles), and measured her hip to knee length then divided that by 3 and used that as the width measurement for the strips, think each one was 12cm.

    Thank you so much for directing so much traffic here Megan.